35 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Fall is easily the best season. The days get shorter, and the nights get longer. It starts to get cooler, but it’s not too cold. It’s time to take out the comfy cardigans, go for nice walks, drink some hot apple cider, and sip a pumpkin spiced latte while reading a good book.

Fall is not only the best season, but it also has the single best holiday on the planet—Halloween.

Halloween is just the best. When else do you get to dress up in some fantastic costume and hang out with a bunch of your friends. Halloween parties and parades are things that people wait the entire year for. Dressing up for Halloween, and planning out the perfect costume is so much fun. However, there is a way to make it even more fun.

Halloween plus dogs make things even better. Dressing up your fur baby in a cute and funny costume is easily the best way to celebrate Halloween with your furry bestie. It is never too early or too late to pick out the best Halloween costumes for dogs.

We have put together a shortlist of our best pick for the 35 funniest Halloween costumes for dogs to help you. Check out our list, and be sure to let us know what you think.

1. Lion Mane Wig Costume

(Check out the Lion Wig Costume Here)

This costume will have you singing songs from the Lion King, as you walk around with your little buddy. This lion mane wig a simple yet classic dog costume that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Now, this costume is only really going to work if your dog has a light brown coat, but the costume is just so good we had to include it. It is easy to put on your dog and to take off it needed.

It seems comfortable enough for them to wear that most dogs will walk around and forget they are even wearing it. You will get a lot of laughs from this one. The cats may get a kick out of it as well to see their canine friends dressed up as one of them.

2. Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Halloween Costumes For Dogs
(Check out the Cowboy Rider Pet Costume Here)

This funny cowboy rider dog costume is very well designed, so it should be very comfortable for your dog to wear. If your dog has no problem wearing a jacket or harness, then he should have no problem with this costume.

This costume is meant to turn your dog into a bull or horse for a cowboy to ride. It looks like a saddle with a cowboy holding on for dear life. He has a hat in one hand, and the other hand is holding onto the saddle. This costume is especially hilarious if your dog likes to run and jump, as it makes the cowboy on the saddle even more hysterical.

3. Dog UPS Costume
Dog UPS Costume- Halloween Costumes For Dogs

(Check out the The UPS Dog Costume Here)

Excuse me! Can I get someone to sign for this package, please! This dog UPS costume is a real crowd-pleaser. Your dog will look like he is a very good boy (or girl) and carrying a package so carefully- just like UPS ;). It even comes with a cute little UPS hat, so your doggie can be in perfect uniform. UPS might not know how to get your package to your house on time, but this doggie deliveryman costume sure is a winner.

4. Spider Dog Costume
Halloween Pet Costume- Spider

(Check out this Funny Halloween Spider Costume for Your Dog Here)

This spider costume is amazing. Turn your dog into a six-legged insect this Halloween. It is super amusing to see your furry friend walk around with its fake six legs swaying as if it is scurrying across the ground like a giant spider. This is a great Halloween costume, and the hairy hood with googly eyes is a nice additional touch. Nothing says Halloween quite like a giant, black, and hairy spider. So give this costume a whirl for some classic Halloween fun.

5. Panda Puppy Costume

Panda Halloween Dog Costume(Check out the Puppy Panda Dog Halloween Costume Here)

Who is that adorable panda bear over there eating a bamboo shoot? Oh! That not a panda that is your furry best friend! What could be more adorable than combing a cute panda with an adorable puppy?

This is a great front-facing costume and is made with material that will be comfortable for your dog. It has a simple drawstring design that is quite easy to get on and off your dog. The costume’s cute little arms wobble a bit when your dog walls for a very fun effect that makes the doggy-panda look like its walking on two legs.

6. Chucky Doll Dog Costume
Chucky Doll Dog Costume

(Check Out This Funny Chucky Doll Dog Costume Here)

Here’s Chucky! Everyone’s favorite murderous doll is here as the next best Halloween costume for your furry little friend. A great little costume that will be sure to turn heads and get a lot of laughs.

Chucky may have been a scary movie character, but seeing your dog dressed as chucky just seems to make him cute and cuddly. This is a front-facing costume, that comes with the Chucky hair wig, and a soft toy bloody knife.

7. Dogs Carrying Beer Keg Costume

Halloween Dog Costume- Funny

(Check out This Awesome Key Carrying Costume Here)

This fun costume will turn your dog into two dogs carrying a beer keg. So you can tell your friends at your next party not to worry because you guys will bring the beer. Make sure you tell them that you are kidding, though. People will find this costume adorable, but they might be a little upset if the party has no beer.

8. Hula Girl -Fun Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Hula Girl Dog Costume- Halloween Costumes For Dogs

(Check out this Hula Girl Dog Costume Here)

This is a fun dog costume that you can also use the next time you are invited out to a luau or a barbeque that allows furry friends to attend. The funniest part for me is the coconut bra and the grass skirt.

This will go over great at any event, and it could even be used as a couple’s Halloween costume! You and your dog can both get dressed up as Hula Girls.

9. Guitar Playing Dog Costume

Guitar playing Dog Costume

(Check out the Guitar Playing Dog Halloween Costume Here)

This is a super cute and extremely funny dog costume. People will literally not be able to control their laughter when they see your dog walking around and playing the guitar. The costume is a front-facing costume that is easy to put on a relatively comfortable for your dog.

10. Pirate Dog Costume

(Check out the Funny Pirate Dog Costume Here)

A pirate costume is a classic Halloween getup, especially for your pooch. It is a front-facing costume with two fake arms making your dog look more human-like. One arm has a pirate sword, and the other arm has a hook where a hand used to be.

The pirate hat is the best part of this costume, and it is made to fit comfortably over your dog’s ears. This costume is sure to provide you and your friends with hours of enjoyment.

11. Werewolf Costume for Dogs

Halloween Costumes For Dogs

(Check out the Werewolf Pet Costume Here)

This is a front-facing costume that will make your dog look like a werewolf. The costume comes with fake stuffed arms, a plaid shirt, and pants that fit over your dog’s front legs. There is a removable cape as well that can double as a stylish dog jacket in colder months. It also comes with a plush werewolf hat to complete the fearsome werewolf costume.

12. Bantha Pet Costume

Halloween Costume For Dog

(Check out the Bantha Pet Costume Here)

This Star Wars themed costume is so cool! Your dog will turn into a bantha that is being ridden by a Tusken Raider. This is an officially licensed Star Wars costume, and it will work well if you are coordinating your costume with your pet this year.

This is a great costume for you if you are a Star Wars fan, and the Tusken Ranger jiggling around on top of your dog is sure to delight many.

13. Dinosaur Raptor Dog Costume

Dinosaur Dog Costume

(Check out the Dinosaur Costume Here)

Who said that dinosaurs don’t make great pets? This is an adorable costume that will easily fit your dog comfortably. Your dog will be the life of the party as he is running around, pretending to be a big scary dinosaur. This costume is worn like a dog jacket with a dog hood. It should provide you and your dog with a lot of Halloween fun.

14. Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Ewok Pet Costume- Halloween Costumes For Dogs

(Check out the Pet Ewok Costume Here)

This is another officially licensed Star Wars costume. This costume looks great and would pair very well if you are going to be dressed up in a Star Wars costume as well. It is a step in costume that is easy to put on and comfortable for your dog to wear. It comes with a cowl and fake Ewok ears that completes the look.

15. Harry Potter Doggy Robe Costume

Harry Potter Dog Costume

(Check out the Harry Potter Pet Costume Here)

Now you and your dog can fulfill their dream of getting to go to Hogwarts in this simple but clever costume. Inspired by the four houses from the Harry Potter movies, you can choose any house colors that fit your dog’s personality.

It is a simple cape costume with an adorable tie. Also, the Harry Potter glasses are a nice touch, but good luck keeping them on for long! So if your dog has been dreaming about getting their letter from Hogwarts, maybe its time to surprise them with their very own wizard robes.

16. Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

Teddy Bear Dog Costume

(Check out the Teddy Bear Dog Costume Here)

This teddy bear dog costume is a step in hoodie outfit with false arms. Everyone will do a double-take when they think that a real-life walking teddy bear has entered the room. This is a great costume that is easy to get into and will provide hours of hilarity.

This would be a great costume for a fairy tailed theme or dress up with your dog with your own giant teddy bear costume.

17. Adorable Blue Shark Dog Costume

Shark Dog Halloween Costume

(Check out the Pet Costume Here)

Everyone get out of the water; there is a shark! This costume is tons of fun for you and your dog. You will have a blast watching him run around, looking like a tiny little shark. This costume is easy to wear with four buttons and elastic. The hood shaped like a shark head should fit most dogs, but square-jawed dogs may need a size bigger. This shark costume will definitely be a crowd-pleaser at your next Halloween function.

18. Business Suit Dog Costume

Business Suit Dog Costume

(Check out the Business Suit Dog Costume Here)

Is your dog all business? Then this will be great Halloween costumes for dogs. Get a bunch of pups together and have them wear wall street! This will make any dog ready to go to work or to give a speech. It is the perfect dog suit for any occasion.

This can also be combined with other costumes such as different dog wigs or other accessories to customize this costume’s look. If you have a few dogs get a bunch of these dog costumes, so you can have a doggy business meeting to discuss walks and playtime.

19. Holy Hound Costume

Pope Dog Costume

(Check out the Holy Hound Costume Here)

This costume is for a dog with a true calling to the faith. His holiness will look ridiculously cute in this outfit. Have a lot of fun with this costume that will bless all those who encounter him.

This is a great costume to do a theme with your doggy. One of the best examples of this was a couple dressed as a priest and a nun paired up with their dog who was dressed as the pope.

20. Wonder Woman Pet Costume:

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

(Check out the Pet Costume Here)

This Wonder Woman dog costume is for the pup who truly is an Amazonian inside and out. This powerful costume will that is inspired by the classic Wonder Woman design, if sure to impress.

You will be the talk of the town in this great costume. It even comes with wonder woman headpiece. This is an officially licensed DC Comics pet costume, and it will pair well if you decide to dress up in some other famous DC character. You could even all go as the Justice League.

21. Superman Pet Costume

Superman Dog Costume

(Check out the Superman Doggy Costume Here)

This is a great costume that will show off your dog’s secret identity as the dog of steel. Does your dog daydream of saving the world and flying around with his spectacular cape? Then this costume could be just what you were looking for.

This is another officially licensed DC pet costume. The costume is a pullover superman chest piece and a superman cape. You will find your hero dog running and leaping into the air to save the day. This is a great costume for any DC Universe fans, but even the regular person will get so much enjoyment out of this hysterical costume.

22. Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

Jedi Dog Costume

(Check out the Jedi Dog Costume Here)

In a galaxy far, far away there is a dog that has a deep connection to the force. This is a great costume for all of the Star Wars nerds out there. There are a lot of great officially licensed Star Wars pet costumes out there, but not all of them fit well on all types of dogs. This is an excellent costume for whatever breed or size of your dog.

This costume could pair well if your all decided to dress for Halloween in a Star Wars theme. This is a great costume for your dog to get in touch with their inner Jedi and to become one with the force.

23. Star Wars Darth Vader Funny Dog Costume (with Removable Cape)

Darth Vador Dog Costume

(Check out the Pet Costume Here)

Maybe your dog’s personality is more like a Sith than a Jedi. If your dog is more aligned with the dark side of the force than this may be a better costume for you. Or if you have two doggies then pairing the Jedi costume with the Darth Vader costume may be a great combination. This is an adorably cute costume, especially with the funny Darth Vader helmet. The cape is removable in case your dog has short legs and has trouble walking around with the cape. For pictures though, the cape is easily reattached so that you can have the perfect Halloween pic with your furry friend.

24. Cowboy Sheriff Dog Costume

Cowboy Sherif Dog Costume

(Check out the Funny Pet Costume Here)

Everyone be aware that there is a new sheriff in town, and that he means business. Your dog will look sharp and ready for action when you dress him or her in this adorable costume. This is a front-facing costume with stuffed arms that wobble realistically as you doggy walks.

The easy to put on and take off hat completes the look, and you will be already for picture time with your cute little friend. This is one of those costumes that people cannot stop laughing at, so adding this to your costume closet is a good idea at any time of year.

25. Princess Halloween Dog Costume

Is your dog a little princess? Then why not dress them up as one. This princess pet costume is easy to put on a pink top and tutu combo. It also comes with a pink princess hat and pink streamers for their legs. This is a great costume for your dog, especially for those that tend to act like a princess or diva.

The hat is easy to take on and off, as it is not likely that your dog will wear it for long. However, it is light and easy to carry so you can be ready for pictures. Can be fun to put on for puppy birthday parties as well.

(Check out the Pet Costume Here)

26. Hot Dog Pet Costume

Hot Dog, Halloween Dog Costume

(Check out the Pet Hot Dog Costume Here)

What is there not to love about this costume. Your dog will look amazing in this dog costume designed to make them look like a classic hot dog and bun with ketchup and mustard. This is a real crowd-pleaser, and it fits well with almost every dog regardless of how small or large they are.

Make sure you follow directions when measuring your dog, so you can be sure that you have gotten your dog the right size costume. This is a full-sized costume, but it has air holes to keep your dog nice and comfortable while wearing it.

27. Lil’ Stinker Skunk Dog Costume

Skunk Dog Costume

(Check out the Pet Costume Here)

This costume lets your dog dress up like the skunks that they often love to chase. You always knew your dog was a little stinker, and now they can look like one too. This costume is guaranteed to make any dog the life of the party.

Dress up your dog in this costume, and you will not be able to stop people coming ups to take pictures with your adorable dog. It is has a simple design that makes it easy to put on and quite comfortable for your dog to wear.

28. Winne the Pooh Pet Costume

Winnie the Pooh Funny Dog Costume

(Check out the Winnie the Pooh Pet Costume Here)

Welcome the Hundred Acre Wood and this great Winne the Pooh costume for your little furry pal. This is a great costume that is quickly recognizable and is sure to provoke tons of comments and laughter.

This is an officially licensed costume from Disney, so you know you are getting a high-quality costume. Quick tip: If your dog is a little overweight or is a girthier breed, you will want to order your costume one size bigger than you think you will need. Like Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet, all of Winnie’s friends are also available as a pet costume. The Winne the Pooh costume is definitely a favorite, followed closely by the Tigger Costume.

29. Olaf Pet Costume from Frozen

Funny Halloween Dog Costume

(Check out this Funny Olaf Costume For Your Dog Here)

Do you want to build a snowman? Disney has developed a bunch of great pet costumes inspired by the movie Frozen. This Olaf costume is our favorite. It is a front-facing costume with two stuffed tree branch arms and an Olaf head pullover hoodie. This will be an instant hit with anyone who meets your little dog dressed up as everyone’s favorite snowman. This is a great costume is you want to theme your costume with your pets. You or your kids could dress up as Anna, Elsa, or Christoff and have a great family-themed Halloween together. This is sure to win many costume contests.

30. Dog Tuxedo Costume

Dog Tuxedo Costume

(Check out this Adorable Dog Tuxedo Here)

This is one of those costumes that is also great for other occasions besides Halloween. You really can’t go wrong with a dog in a tuxedo. Your dog will be handsomely dressed and ready for anything.

People will delight and beg you to let them take a picture with your well-dressed little man. This is a great costume to turn your dog into James Bond or another classy secret agent.

31. Abu Costume from Disney’s Aladdin

Abu Funny Halloween Dog Costumes

(Check out this Fun Aladdin Dog Costume Here)

This costume will introduce you to a whole new world. This is an excellent costume for your little fur baby. If you like to dress up for Halloween too, this can be a great addition to an Aladdin themed Halloween. Your terrier was born to play the role of the little mischievous, fun-loving monkey Abu. When he runs around in this you get some big laughs for sure as one of the funniest Halloween dog costumes out there.

32. Bumble Bee Halloween Costume for Dogs

Bumble bee halloween dog costume

(Check out this Bee Pet Costume Here)

This is a great costume for your little love bug. You will get a lot of attention with your little doggie buzzing around town in their bumblebee costume. This costume comes with a bee striped hooded jumpsuit with a bee antenna topped with yellow pom-poms. Definitely one of the cutest Halloween costumes for dogs to use this season!

33. Canine Prison Pooch Costume

Prison Halloween Dog Costume

(Check out this Prison Pooch Outfit Here)

Oh no your dog has escaped from jail! This costume is for the good dog who sometimes gets into a little bit of trouble. This costume will instantly make people laugh as they wonder what such a good dog could have done to be sent to doggy jail.

34. Doggie Police Costume
Dog Police Halloween Costume

(Check out this Police Dog Halloween Costume Here)

This is a great costume to pair up with the Canine Prison Pooch Costume above. Everyone will know that they are safe with this little doggy cop on duty. He will make sure that all criminals are brought to justice.

35. Despicable Me 2 -Halloween Costumes for Dogs

(Check out this Funny Despicable Me Dog Costume Here)

This is a fun costume for your little minion who loves to follow you around and cheer you on. Everyone will want to know what type of hysterical antics your little furry friend is up to. This dog costume is a great addition if you will also be dressing up as a character from Despicable Me. However, even as a stand-alone costume, this will be a bit hit for any costume party.

These Halloween Costumes For Dogs are sure to entertain and delight you while making your dog the star of the show on Halloween night! Whether are your partner in crime or in it to win it, these costumes will put your puppers in the front running. Always make sure you measure you dog before order to ensure a good fit, and enjoy the fun!

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