Top 10 Best Dog Beds Your Terrier Will Absolutely Love

Pet lovers all over always want the best for their pet, but they don’t want to break the bank, and that’s understandable. Often times we feel like the most expensive option is the best and end up spending hundreds on items that don’t last long, don’t wash up well, or just don’t work! Providing your pets with the very best dog beds doesn’t have to come with frustrations or a huge price tag either.

Your dog’s bed is perhaps one of the most essential accessories. Just as much you do, your canine friend needs a place where he can lay his weary head. And you want something that will make him comfortable for a long time.

Although we may have to work throughout the day, a dog’s life can be pretty tiresome. Dogs sleep up to 14 hours a day and need something soft and comfy, yet firm enough to keep their joints from hurting. So how do you ensure that they have the best bed to suit their needs? Lets first determine what makes a good dog bed.

What You Need to Know About Dog Beds

A walk into your local pet store or a visit online quickly result in hundreds of dog bed designs there are. But since there are a ton of beds out there settling on one can be pretty hard. Also, the dimensions and designs can vary from one bed to another. 

What’s most important is how the bed makes your dog feel. Does your dog have an aversions to specific materials? Does she only like to lay on plush materials or would she prefer a breathable mesh? Is he picky or will he lay on just about anything around the house?

You will also want to take into consideration the climate in which you live. If you are in a warmer climate, then a giant fuzzy plush bean bag might make your dog too hot, and if you are in a colder environment, you will want to find something cozy and warm.

In addition, take into account how your dog sleeps, both during the day and at night. Dogs who like to sprawl versus those who curl up in tight spots and tuck their noses in their tails also have specific preferences.

If you have a new puppy, you will want to start out with a small to medium sized bed to make them feel comforted and safe. You will also want to look for chew proof and water proof materials.

With all this mind, you can now decide on the features that you are looking for and end up with the best dog bed for your fur buddy.

Best Waterproof Pet Bed for Puppies and Accident Prone Dogs

Dog Bed For terrier

(Check Out Petfusion Dog Bed Here)

Packed full of features, this bed comes in three different sizes and shapes: small, medium, and large. 

Fitted with water and tear-resistant material, you don’t have to worry so much, even if your dog has had an accident. This is because it has a slow rate of absorption that will give you adequate time to clean it up.

Also, if your dog likes licking, chewing, or has a tendency to tear objects, this material will significantly reduce the damage that it can do. The perfect puppy bed who is adjusting to a new home.

Suitable for small, medium or large-sized dogs, it can comfortably hold a dog of even up to 100 pounds. Many customers have mentioned their older dogs have found great comfort in this bed. The special memory foam supports your pets body helping to reduce joint pain.

The cover has a cotton and polyester mix to ensure that your home gets a stylish appeal. It also comes in brown and slate gray color to allow you to choose the right color for your needs.


  • Constructed with only the finest raw materials
  • The memory foam and bolsters will provide you with the support that you need
  • Machine washable
  • Spacious enough for even the largest dog


  • Not fluffy
  • Higher price tag but offers premium components.
  • Some users noticed a slight smell coming out of the box- a light wash or leaving it in the sun will eliminate this.

Best Crate Dog Bed for Small Breeds

(Check out the Midwest Dog Bed Here)

If you are looking for a simple dog bed that is great for small breeds like the Yorkie or Rat Terrier then this is one you don’t want to pass this one up. Its soft, fluffy, and allows for snuggling as well as some good sprawling.

As a perfect fit bed, this bed comes with a very soft fleece cover which is not only comfortable but warm as well. Toss it in the washing machine over and over and it comes out looking brand new.

Once you have this in place, your puppy will enjoy spending his time in or out of his crate. Once user reported their dog dragged the bed everywhere he went!

Coming at an affordable price, this bed is loaded with several features. Plus, with its synthetic and soft material, your dog can rest assured of maximum comfort.

The best part is that you can carry it along wherever you go. Great for the crate, the car, taking on trips, etc.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Made of pet-safe materials
  • Best for metal dog crates


  • Not chew proof
  • Made for lightweight dogs

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

(Check out the Friends Forever Suede Dog Bed Here)

This Friends Forever suede dog bed will provide you with enough value for every penny that you spend on it. Coming in three different sizes, like other beds, it also gives you different colors that you can choose based on your décor.

With the mattress constructed of baby grade memory foam, you can rest assured that it will provide your canine friend with the warmth and support that it needs. This bed is ideal for dogs with hip problems, stiff and sore joints, and larger breeds like the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The cover also features nice soft suede that will gives the bed a luxurious look and a nice feel as well. It is washable and removable making it easy to clean up.

Overall, it’s very well made and is quite easy to clean. With thousands of happy pets and their owners, this one definitely deserves a look.


  • Memory foam mattress
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Three sizes available
  • Suede cover is chew resistance and allows for an easy clean


  • It’s a little bit more costly than others

Best Snuggling Dog Bed For Small to Medium Dogs

Best Dog Bed(Check out the Majestic Pet Dog Bed Here)

Fitted with four different size options, regardless of your dog’s requirements, this is a very popular dog bed for those that love to cuddle up on warm sherpa material. 

As an added advantage, it comes in 7 different color options that will give you a chance to choose the best.

Capable of supporting dogs of between 10lbs to 110lbs, this is one of the best dog beds out there for those that like to dig in. 

With a classic waterproof design, you can be sure that it will serve you for long. The interior material is a poly cotton, poly fiber fill making it plump up easy.

 Apart from being machine washable it also has proper bolster on all sides that will ensure the dog can rest in any direction without any issue. 

So, if you are looking for a snuggly waterproof and washable dog bed with adequate support then your pooch might this one is a winner!


  • Several different color options
  • Four different size options to choose
  • Proper head support
  • Nice and plush in the middle with more support edging making it great for snuggling in deep


  • Some users mentioned the outside fabric is a magnet for dog hair and dirt

Best Affordable Dog Bed

Best Affordable Dog Bed

(Check out Midwest Home Dog Bed Here)

If you are looking for a nice fluffy bed that won’t break the bank, then this dog bed will win both your hearts. We actually use this bed for when we travel or go camping. We have noticed these beds are low maintenance and long lasting.

This overstuffed pet bed features paw pleasing ultra soft synthetic fur on a luxurious cushion guaranteed to make your pet feel like a king (or queen)!

The tufted, plush polyfiber cushion holds up to years of use and and the soft, synthetic fur won’t pill up like fleece pet beds. No need to wrestle with removing a cover when it’s time to clean – the bed is 100% machine washable.


  • Machine Washable
  • Fits Well in Crates, Carriers or Cars
  • Non skid Bottom Surface
  • Overstuffed Padding and super snugly


  • Some users mentioned the bedding gets flat after a while

Best Memory Foam Dog Bed For Extra Large Breeds

(Check out the Laifug Memory Foam Dog Bed Here)

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is a unique dog bed that features high-quality foam support your pet and makes him extra comfortable. 

It’s, therefore, suitable for arthritic dogs or those that have muscle and joint issues.

Since its waterproof, you can even use it outdoors with relative ease. Also, it’s so oversized that extra large or multiple dogs can use it together. Great for those back sleeper pups that love to sprawl as well.

To ensure that your puppy gets maximum comfort its removable cover is made of faux suede


  • Removable water-resistant
  • Filled with memory foam to ensure enough comfort
  • Designed to fit tight places
  • Offers adequate support for arthritic dogs


  • Not as snuggly as others
  • Only sides no back bolster

Best Calming Shag Donut Cuddler (Vegan Fur)


(Check out Best Friends Luxury Shag Dog Bed)

When shopping for luxury shag bed for your dog, this is one of the best dog beds to consider. It looks so cozy that you might want to give it a try!

It comes in 6 different sizes and also has two different colors that you can choose for your needs.

Suitable for dogs who like to curl up and sleep for hours. With the help of its comfortable soft fur and fleece your dog can curl up and enjoy his rest. 

This dog bed is perfect for little guys that like be snuggled up tightly for comfort. Great in cold weather areas as well since it will not only keep them comfortable and cozy, it will also keep them warm.

With its faux shag fur you can rest assured that it will give you the luxury that your dog needs. The best part is that it’s machine washable so you can just toss it into the washing machine for a quick rinse. A very popular option with the mini breeds.


  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Highly comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect for curling up
  • Has a fur on the outer side


  • Not as good for heavier dogs or those with joint pain as the material can shift
  • Bottom base is thin is less supportive

Best Pet Mat for Crates or Travel

(Check out MidWest Quiet Time Dog Mat Here)

Available in different sizes and colors, this dog mat comes with plenty of options and is quite affordable. Whether you want to lay it inside a dog cage or crate it will fit well. You can even use it as standalone bed if your dog likes to lay anywhere.

With its covering made of synthetic fur, you’ll not only give your dog a comfortable sleep but also give it stylishly. 

Boasting of non-skid bottom, it’s the most suitable beds for tile, hardwood, and other slippery floors. If your dog follows you to the bathroom for shower time or other, then this will be perfect for you fur buddy.

It’s also machine washable hence you’ll not find a hard time taking care of it. If comfort, mobility, and style are your thing, then this is the perfect bed for your pet. 

To sum it up, it comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so if you have issues with the built quality you can get in touch with them


  • Ultra-comfy pet mat for small to medium or even large pups
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip and non-skid bottom


  • Does not hold up for long if you have a big dog or if they are big scratchers

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed For Small Breeds

(Check out The Dog’s Bed Here)

Constructed with the best dog bed material this dog bed is quite suitable for your smaller dog if you are looking for maximum comfort. 

With its high-quality memory foam, it will ensure that your dog gets full support, especially on its joints and hips. You can also choose the color and size that you want since it comes from 7 different options and available in all sizes.

Regardless of the size of your dog, this is one of the best orthopedic dog bed for small older pups with any type of joint pain or stiffness. This is a great snuggle up bed, but also perfect for dogs that like to sprawl out and need that extra support.

If comfort is your thing then this dog bed will definitely not disappoint you. It’s a bit more pricey that the others but the memory foam is meant to last a very long time.


  • Many different color options and soft materials to choose from
  • High quality and waterproof
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Made with high quality memory foam


  • The bed can compress more than expected if your dog lays in the same spot constantly

Best 2 in 1 Dog Bed (Snuggler & Memory Foam Pad)


(Check out the Bark Box Dog Bed Here)

If you are looking for a good dog bed with washable covers then this is probably one of the best dog beds out there.  We like it because its really 2 beds in. It incorporates a snuggle bed as well a therapeutic gel memory foam bed. Great for smaller senior dogs.

Made to shield the dog from any form of pain, your dog will enjoy all the comfort that it has. It has bolsters all around allowing your dog to snuggle up or lay in a multitude of positions.

Since it’s available in different colors, you can easily choose the color that you are looking for. Further, the cover is machine washable thus taking care of it is very easy. The small size is perfect for Boston Terriers or other little pups.


  • Guaranteed comfort to the dog
  • Zippered closer
  • Suitable for all dogs


  • Material is not chew resistant. Not the best for puppies.

Runner Up for Best Orthopedic Dog Bed (Older Furbabies Are the Best)

(Check out the Big Barker Bed Here)

Made specifically for old dogs recovering from joint problems and arthritic dogs with the risk of developing issues, this is a very coy bed that’s worth considering. 

With this amazing dog bed, your puppy will get all the comfort that he needs

Plus, since it has thick memory foam it will also provide enough support for the older dogs. This dog bed is mostly constructed for bigger dogs such as German shepherds. 

With its unique design, it will provide the best support for dogs that have larger bodies

Additionally, its microfiber is not only attractive but also exceptionally soft thus making it easier to clean. Made with three different layers, it’s perhaps the thickest bed out there.


  • Good for big dog breeds
  • 10-year money-back guarantee
  • Best support for older and sick dogs
  • Made of 100% microfiber
  • Removable zipped cover
  • The mattress does not change over time


  • The cover is not waterproof
  • A bit warm for hot weather


Selecting the most suitable bed for your dog may not be a simple thing, as many people think. This can be attributed to the many different types manufacturers have made. From the super cute and super funny looking to the ultimate in memory foam and plush. Making a decision based on looks alone is not always ideal for your pooch.

Try to watch how your dog sleeps, his laying positions, his likes and dislikes with fabric, the temperature where you are at, and even his age. You will also want to get the right choice for your new puppy versus your aging dog.

With extended use, dog beds can get pretty smelly, especially if your dog is frequently wet or dirty so look for the best dog beds that have waterproof materials or are easily washable.

With all that in mind, you should be able to find the very best bed for your fur buddy and sleep happy.

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