The Best Vaccums For Pet Hair That Won’t Break the Bank!

Vacuum for pet hairMost people prefer having a pet over a human roommate. Being a pet parent is a blessing. With pets comes their mess. Especially if you are a dog or a cat owner, or both, you would know the pain of pet hair everywhere. Finding the best vacuum for pet hair is essential!

Few people tend to get allergic, and it becomes critical for them to get rid of the fine hair. The best way to get rid of pet hair is by vacuuming. It takes less time and is the most effective method to curb out the maximum of the mess.

However, did you know that not all vacuum cleaners are capable of extracting pet hair? The texture of pet hair is very different from ours. It is generally light-weight and very fine. If you have your floor or carpets matching with your pet’s fur color, it becomes tedious to clean the shed hair.

This article will throw light upon the benefits of using a pet hair specific vacuum cleaner. We also share a few crucial tips to help you remove the hair from your surfaces. Lastly, we review five of the best vacuums for pet hair for your perusal.

Benefits of Using A Pet Hair Specific Vacuum Cleaner

One of the top benefits of using a pet hair specific vacuum cleaner is that you can use it for other regular household vacuuming purpose. But the vice versa may not be true. Pet hair is generally fluffy and very fine. They disperse in the air, and sometimes it isn’t easy to notice from the naked eye.

There are certain aspects that a regular vacuum cleaner lack. Below are some of the key aspects that make using a pet hair specific vacuum cleaner more beneficial.

Suction: An upright pet vacuum cleaner has stronger suction than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Motor: A pet vacuum cleaner has a more powerful motor and advanced technologies incorporated. It allows better hair pickup and airflow.

Design: Most of the pet vacuum cleaners imbibe cyclonic technology to employ centrifugal force. It allows the hair to navigate directly into the dirtbag.

Filtration: A pet vacuum cleaner has better filtration than a regular vacuum cleaner. Pet hair is finer and lighter than a human hair. Most people are allergic to specific animal hair. Therefore, it becomes crucial to use a pet hair specific vacuum cleaner.

Brush Roll: Pet hair specific vacuum cleaners come with the motorized rotating brush roll. It helps in deep-embedding of the finer hair and makes lifting them from the surface easy.

Tips to Pick up Dog Hair from Carpets and Hardwood Floors

If you have a dog, you would know that they leave their hair pretty much everywhere around the house. Especially with breeds like Samoyeds, Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernard, the amount of shedding they do can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips that you can follow to remove the hair from carpets:

-You can use a roll of duct tape to pick up long and loose hair.

-Before vacuuming your carpet, sweep and slightly dampen it. A rubber broom will help you in collecting the hair in one place.

-Vacuum in alternating directions to pick more hair in lesser time. It also helps in loosening the one stuck hard on the carpet.

-You can use a window squeegee. Rub it along the carpet, and soon you will get a pile of hair collected.

-Use a humidifier to prevent the dog hair from clinging to the carpet.

For hardwood floors:

  • Vacuum the floor using a pet hair specific high-suction vacuum cleaner.
  • You can use a wet mop to collect the pet hair. Ensure that the dampening is done using wood cleaning products.
  • Use a rubber broom in place of a straw broom.
  • Use dryer sheets to wipe. The electrostatic property will help in getting rid of dog hair conveniently.
  • A humidifier will help in preventing the hair from embedding to the surface.

Product Review – 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair is generally very fine and light. They stick to the surface, and it takes multiple attempts to get them off completely. Many regular vacuum cleaners do not have enough suction power to pull away all the hair from the surfaces.

Here we have reviewed the five best vacuums for pet hair that are specifically designed for pet hair removal purposes, apart from the regular household mess.

#1 Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Ball Animal 2) – Overall Best(Check out the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Here)

The Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect device to suck all sorts of pet hair from all surfaces. You can use it for general household cleaning, but it was specifically designed for pet hair removal. It has the strongest suction power to remove the microscopic dirt and dog hair of every texture.

The self-adjusting head leads to easy navigation on carpets, wooden floors, tiles, etc. The device includes a tangle-free turbine tool and stair tool for smooth access to upholstery and sharp-edge surfaces.

The excellent filtration ensures that the hair and dirt are trapped inside with no scope of leakage. For emptying the bin, you need to push the button, and the filter ejects.

The whopping 5-year manufacturing warranty by Dyson makes the Upright Vacuum Cleaner an incredible investment for your house.


Strong suction
Powerful motor
Long warranty period
Amazing filtration
Self-adjusting navigation
Compatible on all surfaces


It is slightly heavy.
Buy it on Amazon.

#2 Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Vacuum Cleaner and Mop – Best for Hard Floors

(Check out the Bissell Sympony Here)

The device is a genius creation by Bissell. It is a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a steam mop to curb that sticky and invisible hair from the surface. The vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for hard floors like tiles, marbles, laminates, and hardwood.

The Pet Mode includes disposable pads for capturing the mess. For everyday cleaning, it also includes washable microfiber pads. The Cyclonic vacuum is powerful and helps capture pet hair and microscopic debris.

The Steam Mode helps in steaming the floor simultaneously. It saves your time, and you do not require to mop the floor separately. The steam boost tray is detachable and convenient to use. The long cords of the cleaner help in accessing longer distances without worrying about a power source.

The Bissell Symphony pet steam vacuum cleaner and mop comes with a 2-year warranty.


Two-in-one mode
Saves time from mopping the floor separately.
Compatible with hard floors
Captures the finest hair
No-touch disposal of dirt


Does not give the best result on carpets
Buy it on Amazon.

#3 Kenmore Bagged Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1 – Best for Thick Carpets

(Check out the Kenmore Elite Vacuum Cleaner Here)

The Kenmore vacuum cleaner is excellent for sucking out sticky pet hair, especially from thick carpet surfaces. The PowerFlow bag enables powerful suction despite a nearly full bag.

The No-touch Bag technology eliminates direct handling of the dirtbag. Instead, the device provides a press button to eject and empty the bag. The swivel steering enables you to access every nook and corner of the house.

The vacuum cleaner comes with different height adjustments for excellent cleaning efficiency and airflow. The bristles entrap the small and fine pet hair from carpets and restrict its escape back into the air.

The presence of LED headlights helps increase visibility in dark areas, especially when the pet hair color blends with your carpet’s color. Kenmore provides a commendable 5-year warranty on the product.


Budget-friendly and quality for money
Excellent warranty period
Strong suction
No-touch waste disposal
Swivel steering for accessing tricky corners


Does not give the best result on hard floors
Buy it on Amazon.

#4 Dyson V8 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Best Cordless Cleaner

(Check out the Dyson Cordless V8 Here)

The Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner is a powerful suction device to get the pet hair out from every corner of the house. It is extremely light-weight to handle and hassle-free due to the absence of cords.

This top vacuum for pet hair has a runtime of up to 40 minutes while using a non-motorized tool. It gives up to 25 minutes of runtime with a motorized floor tool attached. The Dyson digital V8 motor is engineered to capture fine dirt and hair from all surfaces like carpets, hardwood, tiles, etc.

Apart from pet hair and mess, you can even clean other corners of your house as you can easily hold and life the cleaner in your hand. The nylon bristles help in trapping the dirt from deep surfaces.

Dyson offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for the V8 Animal Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner.


Cordless and hassle-free navigation
Light-weight and easy to lift
Extracts pet hair from all surfaces
It can be used as a regular vacuum cleaner too.


the runtime is less
Buy it on Amazon.

#5 Hoover Maxlife Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Best in Budget

(Check out the Hover MaxLife Here)

The Hoover Maxlife bagless vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaners that you can find for the price that it is offering. It gets off the stubborn pet hair from every kind of surface (carpets and hard floors) in a single glide. The light-weight body lets you handle the vacuum cleaner in a hassle-free manner.

The enhance MAXlife system enables a powerful suction and delivers an incredible performance without the regular filter maintenance. The Allerenblock technology captures the animal hair, dust, and other microscopic particles. It prevents them from re-escaping in the air.

A multi-purpose tool kit comes as part of the package and helps you access the mess on furniture, staircase, ceiling, and other sharp corners.
The Quick Release Wand provides an extended reach of 12 feet to help you access tall overhead spaces. This vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for budget-conscious folks.


excellent quality and durability for the price point
prevents re-escaping of hair in the air
light-weight and convenient to handle
12-feet reach helps in reaching tall surfaces


No clarity on product warranty
Buy it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Pet hair specific vacuum cleaners have better technologies and design to extract maximum hair off the surface. A regular vacuum cleaner can make the job more time-consuming. Also, you get additional accessories to help you reach all kinds of surfaces and corners.

All the five vacuum for pet hair cleaners which we have listed are the best in the market. If we had to pick a winner, we would highly recommend Dyson’s Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Ball Animal 2). It has a powerful motor and an excellent suction. The product quality is the best. It is compatible with carpets and hard floors and has incredible durability.

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